Elizabeth Antoinette

The Director of Creativity, LLC 

The Author

Read Elizabeth Antoinette's first published book:
I Can't Sleep... ...Because of You.
Thoughts of a Lovestruck Insomniac,
a collection of poems navigating the ups and downs of the rollercoaster emotion called Love. Readers will find this work of art timely, relatable, spellbinding and heart capturing. 

The Editor

From copyediting to developmental editing, whatever service you need, you can find here! Rather it be a book, an obituary, a user guide, a news article, etc., if it's written, help is available. 
Include details of your project now and let's get started.

The Writer

While awaiting your copy of
I Can't Sleep... ...Because of You.
Thoughts of a Lovestruck Insomniac
Check out these short poems by 
Elizabeth Antoinette.

Vision Statement

My vision as the Director of Creativity is to contribute my gifts, talents, skills, and abilities to others collaboratively, helping them achieve their own goals. In the ultimate exchange, we're partners working toward fulfilling our individual purposes with the knowledge that teamwork helps dreams come to pass.

Mission Statement

To be an asset to others, while maximizing my full potential, that when given creative control, the clients needs will be met in an effective and efficient manner.
Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Meet the Director

Transitioning from news reporting, Elizabeth Antoinette has dedicated her passion for writing into the production of her book entitled:
 I Can't Sleep... ...Because of You.
Thoughts of a Love Struck Insomniac 

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Elizabeth prides herself on being a good friend, is family-oriented and considers herself a Tennesseean, as she currently resides in Knoxville, TN. 

As the owner and operator of
The Director of Creativity, LLC
Elizabeth created this organization to foster creative branding in the form of literature, with emphasis on editing and publishing.